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-A repository for various thoughts on comics, film, etc. I also draw.-

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A hermit born in February of 1998. I like comics, movies, illustration, and puzzles. I also like long walks in woody trails, bright cyan skies, cold air, herbs, and peat moss. My hobbies are drawing, playing all sorts of puzzle games, and taking shitty videos of my surroundings with my little camcorder.


February of 1998, woman, good ol' US of A. Dark skinned and currently has a mean afro.

Some of of my Favourite Comics

5 of my Favourite Movies

Other favourite things

Since I'm too lazy to make all the lists, I'll just say, play Talos Principle if you want a really good 3d puzzle game. It's beautiful with neat puzzles (if you don' t mind lots of backtracking in later levels). Other games I'm obsessed with are Sutef, Tametsi, Stephen's Sausage Roll, Mega Man (classic series), and System Shock. -UP-

Other fun and maybe horrible facts

I'm a proud filthy loli/shotacon. If I could have an artificial wife modeled after Miho Kaneko or Aoi Kako in their old U-15 photos, I would.